Energy and Persistence Conquer All Things

— Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to the G5 Partners (G5P) website. We are an advisory services, corporate development, and venture investment firm specializing in the healthcare arena. G5P was founded to address intractable challenges in health and healthcare by assembling and deploying advisory expertise strategically. To execute on our vision, we have formed a network of high-performing expert advisors in distinct vertical disciplines; we decisively assemble exactly the right team on a per-project and/or problem basis.
Drawing from experience in the healthcare industry, venture capital, board service, and advisory postings to establish this network, we have been gratified by the reciprocal interest expressed by prominent leaders in domains adjacent to our core competencies. Working together, we are designing solutions and approaches to problems that will deliver a better future for healthcare. Effective collaboration is at the heart of the G5 model: teams of best-in-class professionals accomplishing things together that none of us could do alone.

Over the past 18 months, one of G5 Partners’ key assignments was to assist the American Medical Association (AMA) in formulating a vision for its future and fostering a means to accelerate innovation and achieve greater impact in select focus areas for the health of the nation. G5P did an audit of the innovation ecosystem of the AMA, made a proposal on how it could have greater impact, and formed an integrated innovation company—Health2047—whose sustainable business model is designed to finance and attract startup capital and finance to execute on the highest-priority healthcare problems.

By creating new and important linkages between the physician community and the AMA’s content and regulatory experts with leading commercial enterprises, emerging growth companies, and individual entrepreneurial teams, Health2047 intends to transform the way that individuals receive—and physicians deliver—care.
Bridging the view of problems and solutions as seen from the AMA’s perspective, given its central position in American medicine, and the technologically transformative view of problems and solutions perceived by Silicon Valley innovators will be key to realizing that future.

After a national CEO search, the AMA invited G5P managing partner Doug Given to serve as Health2047’s CEO. (Try as they might, they simply could not replicate Doug’s unique skills and experience set.) Passionate about this amazing opportunity, Doug accepted the AMA’s offer Q3’15.

Doug will remain active on the G5P board, but the rest of the G5P team will serve G5P client needs until Doug returns to the firm in an operational capacity.