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G5 Partners (G5P) provides strategic advisory services, corporate development, and venture investment in innovative healthcare companies. We take best-in-class domain experts and assemble purpose-built teams to address complex system-level healthcare issues.


Healthcare is a $3+ trillion dollar market in need of fundamental transformation. Advances in medical technology, communications, and collaboration tools have created an opportunity to drive greater value in the healthcare economy. Unfortunately, as a segment, healthcare has historically been among the slowest adopters of innovation. As a result, healthcare has yet to realize the technology-enabled productivity gains that numerous other sectors have achieved.

G5 Partners was formed to address that opportunity and catalyze healthcare market transformation. Our focus is at the system level — creating foundational solutions that scale, and leveraging scale to transform the entire industry. We seek to collaboratively re-architect the healthcare economy so that it not only integrates state-of-the-art insights and technology but also is equipped to readily incorporate future innovations.

Our approach is to create purposeful disruption that moves the healthcare industry forward. We take great ideas aimed at the most important problems, bring interdisciplinary expertise to bear, secure the requisite capital sources, and recruit commercialization partners. The result is solutions that have a profitable market, make a significant impact, and deliver great benefit to providers, physicians and individuals alike.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, G5P currently works with the American Medical Association (AMA) to: 1) develop ideas that have the potential to provide major strategic impact and/or financial return; 2) recommend and implement potential new business ventures or other partnering opportunities; and 3) provide ideas and thinking on how the AMA might best institutionalize efforts around internal and external innovation.

Other G5P projects include collaborations with Arrowhead Research Corporation and numerous leading not for profit institutions. For Arrowhead (NASDAQ:ARWR), G5P provides strategy and corporate development services to ensure externally sourced innovation efforts align with the company’s business goals of maintaining market leadership and competitive advantage while mitigating technical and commercial risk. For Vivaldi Biosciences, G5P advises the board and management in its operations and financing.